Blender 3.3 Released

Just 3 months after the Blender 3.2 release Blender 3.3 was just released. This is an LTS or long term support/stable version, meaning if you are starting a long running project this is most likely the version to commit to as it will get updates for a couple of years. There are several nice new features in Blender 3.3 including:

  • new curves based hair system including sculpting brushes for creating and styling hair
  • nodes, nodes and more nodes including
    • procedural UV unwrapping and island nodes
    • new path finding nodes
    • several other new nodes ( Mesh to Volume, Points Primitive and more )
  • LineArt modifier now able to calculate accurate shadows as well as faster loading and performance
  • grease pencil now works in dopesheet and timeline
  • Intel ARC gpu and AMD VEGA rendering support
  • motion tracking image plane marker support
  • much, much more

Key Links

Release Summary

In-Depth Release Notes

Blender 3.3 Download Page

You can learn more about the Blender 3.3 release and see the new hair system and geometry nodes in action in the video below.

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