Blender 3.5 Released

Blender 3.5 has just been released, the first release of 2023 (Blender 3.4 was released in Dec 2022). In a few short months Blender managed to add or improve upon a ton of features.

Highlight features of Blender 3.5 include:

  • VDM or Vector Displacement Map sculpting
  • GPU based real-time viewport compositing
  • Editor (and renderer) now use Metal on Mac OS resulting in massive performance improvements on M1/M2 powered Macs
  • Improvements to the hair tools added in Blender 3.3 including several new hair curve tools
  • For the first time effort, Blender has several built-in assets including 26 hair assets
  • Cycles lighting improvements
  • Improved USD and GLTF import and exporting support
  • Much, much more

Key Links

Blender 3.5 Release Notes

Download Link

We went hands-on with Blender 3.5 showcasing several of the hottest new features in the video below.

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