Blender 3 Released

The Blender Foundation have just released Blender 3, loaded with great new features. In addition to major updates like Asset Browser and Cycles X, Blender also contains hundreds of small UI and quality of life improvements.

Key new features in Blender 3 include:

  • Cycles X, an all new GPU accelearted rendering core offering 2-8x better performance (Mac support coming in Blender 3.1)
  • Asset Browser for organizing and easily using Blender assets
  • Pose Library built on top of Asset Browser for creating and using Pose animation data
  • VR support improvements including VR controller support
  • Improved Knife tool, including ability to cut multiple objects at once
  • UI improvements including vastly improved window resizing workflow
  • Thumbnails in sequencer strips
  • Improves image denoising
  • Geometry node improvements including curves and text node support, fields and attributes and more
  • Much much more

Key links

Download Blender

Blender 3.0 Release Notes

Blender Demo Scenes (Shown in Video)

You can learn more about the Blender 3 release and the key new features such as Asset Browser, Cycles X and more in the video below.

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