Blender an Hour at a Time–A Blender Video Tutorial Series

This tutorial series covers all aspects of using the Blender 3D computer graphics package.  Coverage is split into easily digested one hour chunks, covering as much on that topic as possible within the hour time limit.  Or close to an hour… I miss a couple of times.  Also over time, GameFromScratch has published several short quick Blender video tips, those are also collected on this page.  There is also a YouTube playlist if you prefer to navigate that way.  All videos are recorded at 1080p and assume you’ve watched the prior video in the series.

Learning Blender, One Hour at a Time

An Hour with Blender and

This video tutorial is an introduction to Blender. It covers navigating and configuring Blender as well as commonly used hotkeys and tasks. It is required viewing to make sense of any of the videos that follow if you have no prior Blender experience.

Learning 3D Modelling with

This video tutorial introduces the basics of 3D modelling in Blender

Learning materials, texturing and UV maps

This tutorial covers UV Unwrapping, texturing and materials in Blender


This video tutorial covers animation in Blender, including bone and keyframe animation, shapekeys and more.

Other GameFromScratch Blender Videos

Working with Text in Blender

Modelling organic shapes quickly and easily in Blender using Splines

Creating an animated walk cycle spritesheet in under 15 minutes

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