Blink Mega Bundle for Unity

The Blink publisher Mega Bundle for the Unity game engine is now live. This is a bundle of content curated by asset store creator Blink, composed of assets that pair well with Blink’s own, which are all 50% off. The Mega Bundle is organized into three tiers, if you buy a higher dollar value tier, you get all of the assets below it.

30$ Tier

  • Magic Sci-Fi Sword Sounds
  • Stylized Rocks
  • Unique AoE Magic Abilities Volume 1

35$ Tier

  • Korea Goryeo Village
  • iStep
  • Fantasy Portal FX

40$ Tier

  • Open World Nature Kit
  • Fullscreen Editor
  • RPG & Dungeon Sounds
  • Low Poly Terrain – Polaris 2020
  • Irval the Wyvern
  • Unique Projectiles Volume 1
  • UMA For RPG Builder
  • FPS Medieval Weapons – Ultimate Pack
  • Auto Fence & Wall Builder

If you buy the bundle using this link GameFromScratch receives a small commission (and thank you!). You can learn more about the bundle in the video below.

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