Blitz Basic Plus free for a limited time


As the title suggests, Blitz Basic Plus is currently free right now, marked down from the regular price of 60$.  bbasiclogo


Blitz Basic, in their own words, is:

BlitzPlus provides developers with a complete 2D programming solution for the PC. Utilising a BASIC/C hybrid language for use with its compiler, BlitzPlus is capable of creating any type of 2D program, with minimal development-time and with minimal hassle. Just run the included IDE (or use one of your own), type your code and your Windows executable file will be created, ready to be run on any computer running Windows 95/NT 4 or later.


While the Blitz Basic language is:


BlitzPlus’ language is a BASIC/C hybrid. As well featuring the classic BASIC constructs such as goto and gosub, it also features C influences such as functions and types. On top of this, BlitzPlus’ command set features over 500 commands. This command set is highly streamlined meaning complete programs require very few lines of code indeed.


Apparently the original Worms was developed in BlitzBasic, as was the Eschalon RPG series.  I personally have never tried Blitz and don’t really intend to as I have never really been a fan of BASIC, but it is certainly worth checking out, especially for the price of 0$.


You can purchase it here.  I have no idea how long the offer is on for.

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