Bonfire – RPG Game Engine for Flutter

Bonfire is a game engine for the Flutter framework, built on top of the FLAME game engine (covered here) for creating 2D RPG style games. While targeted at creating RPG games, the Bonfire engine can be used to create any 2D game with 45, 65 and 90 degree viewing perspectives being ideal. Since it is build on the Flutter framework, your games will be able to target a number of platforms from a single code-base including mobile, desktop and the web.

Bonfire implements a number of commonly required classes for an RPG style game including Player, NPC, Enemies as well as game specific features such as cameras, input handling, lighting and more. It is capable of loading Tiled maps from the popular open source Tiled map editor (tutorial available here), as well as creating maps procedurally.

Bonfire is open source under the MIT license, with the source code hosted on GitHub.

Key Links

Project Homepage

GitHub Repository

Discord Support


More Examples

You can learn more about the Bonfire RPG game engine for Flutter and see it in action in the video below.

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