BuildBox Launch New “Sane” Pricing

Last month, the no-code required 3D game engine BuildBox made some frankly insane pricing announcements. Backlash from customers and competitors was swift and brutal. Today, BuildBox CEO Jonathan Zweig announced their response to the backlash including much more… sane pricing terms.

Details from the announcement:

You spoke, we listened, and came up with a new solution that will benefit both our Buildbox creators and the company.

So, after much consideration, we’re making the following adjustments to the new subscription plans: 

  • Revenue shares will now ONLY apply to the revenue generated by our upcoming new ad monetization solution.
  • This means we will NOT take a revenue share from other sources of revenue that you make. This includes things like In-App-Purchases, Paid Apps, selling your games, etc.
  • Pro users can also integrate their own custom ad networks, which we will also not take a revenue share from.
  • Lastly, NO Revenue Share will be applied to any games exported before July 1, 2021

These pricing terms are *MUCH* more reasonable than before, in fact they are quite generous in many ways. The question remains to be seen if this blunder will have long term impact on the success of Buildbox. You can learn more about the whole saga and the updated pricing changes in the video below.

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