Camtasia 2021 Released

Camtasia is an all in one screen capture and video editing package and is the tool I use to create 95% of the tutorials you see on this channel. Today, Camtasia 2021 was just released by Techsmith and you can try it with a free full featured 30 day trial for Windows and Mac OS available here.

Key new features of Camtasia 2021 include:

  • Added 75+ new Transitions and Transition categories
  • Added Emphasize Audio Effect
  • Added VU Meter in editor
  • Added Motion Blur Visual Effect
  • Added Round Corners Visual Effect
  • Added Media Matte Visual Effect
  • Added ability to generate proxy videos for improved editing performance
  • Added Additional properties to Quick Property Assets
  • Added Quick Property Editor for creating custom Quick Property Assets
  • Added New Animation Shortcuts / Behaviors
  • Added support for Lottie animations
  • Added ability to collapse Property Panel elements
  • Added Visual Effects bypass toggle switch to the Property Panel
  • Added TechSmith Audiate integration
  • Improved playhead zooming on timeline
  • Improved Canvas zooming / panning
  • New Welcome Window with project launcher and Learning Center

OS-Specific Updates

  • New and Improved Recorder UI (Windows) *
  • Added support for standalone projects (Windows)
  • Added Group Tabs for asset grouping (Windows)
  • Added 3d LUT Visual Effect (Mac) **
  • Added Zoom and Pan Animation Tool (Mac)
  • Added Automatic Animation Tool (Mac)
  • Added Duplicate media shortcut (Mac)
  • Added Jump to Time by using timecode display (Mac)

If you are an existing user please be aware that the new Camtasia recorder currently does not have a countdown timer. However the 2020 recorder is also included if you need the old behavior.

You can see Camtasia in the video below, which showcases how Camtasia works as well as how I create tutorials for this channel. Once again if you are interested in checking out Camtasia 2021 there is a 30 day trial available here.

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