Can you target Blackberry using Appcelerator Titanium?






Well, sorta, just not for free.  Since my earlier post about trying to get Blackberry working with Appcelerator Titanium, I’ve gotten a number of messages, emails and search requests asking exactly this question. “Does Titanium Studio support Blackberry?”.  It is understandable why, Appcelerator sure doesn’t make it easy to figure out!



So, to actually answer the question, the free version of Titanium does not, and cannot currently be made to support Blackberry development.  It looks like it does, and you can download all the Blackberry SDKs ( except one ), but other than wasting a lot of time, this will accomplish absolutely nothing.



However, as you can see following this link, you can target Blackberry if you download the Blackberry Beta SDK from Appcelerator.  The catch, in order to have access to that download, you need to be a paying subscriber.



So,  yes, it supports Blackberry development.



However… you have to pay.


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