Cascadeur 2022.1 EA Released

Cascadeur, a unique 3D animation software that first hit beta back in 2020 just released version 2022.1 EA. The EA stands for early access, which mostly just means the software is available with a 50% discount until full release. Cascadeur uses a combination of physics and machine learning to make animation easier. Cascadeur is available for Windows and Linux with Mac versions coming soon. The 2022.1EA release brings a decent number of new features, including:

  • Improvements to the AutoPosing tools including a new Direction Controller and better performing IK system
  • Physics updates including rotation smoothing and improved secondary motion
  • New fine tune input control over viewport controls, rebind any keys/commands
  • A new Python scripting console
  • A new Node Editor for fine tuned rigged controls
  • An alpha release of a new constraint system ideal for weapons or tools in animations
  • Improved FBX support
  • Several other smaller features and improvements.

Key Links

Cascadeur Homepage

2022.1EA Release Notes

Discord Server

You can learn more about Cascaqeur 2022.1EA and see it in action in the video below.

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