Cascadeur Now in Early Access

Cascadeur, the unique physics based AI assisted animation tool, released in beta last July, is now available in early access. With this announcement, we finally have the pricing structure for Cascadeur, which is currently available for 50% off.

The Basic version has limitations on the export, limiting you to 300 frames and/or 120 joints in the exported scene, as well as requiring attribution. All of the licenses are perpetual after one year subscribed.

Details of the Cascadeur Early Access release from the forums:

Nekki has opened early access to the full version of Cascadeur, a professional character animation software for games and movies. As the only physics-based character animation tool available on the market, Cascadeur enables animators to create realistic movement just by applying the laws of physics. By taking into account several physical variables such as mass, inertia and rotational forces, Cascadeur produces believable action sequences with reduced effort, without the use of motion capture and – above all – with a flat learning curve for users. Complemented by numerous innovative features, such as the AI-based AutoPosing and AutoPhysics tool that drastically simplify character posing and animation, Cascadeur represents an alternative and new approach to the art of 3D character animation.

Simultaneously to the release, Nekki also revealed Cascadeur‘s licence price structure: hobby animators, freelancers and companies with an annual income of less than $100,000 are permitted to download and use Cascadeur (Basic Edition) completely free of charge.
For companies with higher turnovers and greater support needs, Nekki offers Pro and Business subscriptions for $300 and $1,000 per year. As part of its Early Access special offer, Nekki reduces these subscription prices by 50% – for a yet undetermined, but limited time. Therefore the effective price for early adopters is just $150 (Pro edition) respectively $500 (Business edition) per year. The request of many beta testers for an inexpensive permanent license will also be met: annual subscribers who decide against an extension after the first year, still can continue to use their installed version as a perpetual license.

Cascadeur is available at and if you have any questions or comments, their Discord server is available here. You can learn more about the Cascadeur early access release in the video below.

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