Character Creator 4 Released

Reallusion have just released Character Creator 4. We first went Hands-on with Character Creator 3 way back in 2018 and then it was an impressive tool for creating game ready 3D characters. The newest release adds several new features, including better integration with other tools, better facial pose tools and more.

Details of the release from Reallusion:

Extended Character Realism 

The CC4 native character is upgraded with 140 blendshapes from 4D scanning for refined motion capture, face puppeteering, and lip-sync with iC8 AccuLips.

Create a custom face expression blendshape or morph setup from the Expression Profile Editor. Character artists have the freedom to create a unique personality for their own iconic character. 

Enliven Any Character Rig

Whether humans, creatures, or props, creativity is no longer limited by the existing CC character base. Any rigged biped models can be imported, characterized, and facial rigged in Character Creator. New features now make any character compatible with thousands of motion assets, ready for natural lip-sync, motion capture, and animation controls in iClone. CC characters can also be optimized for low-poly, high-performance crowd simulation, AR, VR, and Metaverse.

Auto Import From Popular Character Types

Character Creator can auto-detect the imported character type when dragging in an FBX file made by popular vendors. Supported character standards include Maya HumanIK, 3ds Max Biped, Blender Meta-rig, Mixamo characters and motions, and Daz3D G3/G8 characters and motions.

Showcase Full-Motion Characters

The CC Animation Features let character designers see living characters inside Character Creator, helping to check imported character rigs, enhancing cloth skin weight and physics, and testing facial expression and lipsync assignment right after customization.

Character designers can use the turntable to real-time review character art or render it as video. Adjust settings for turn speed, cycles, and turn items. Free 3D turntable bases are included with customizable logo textures.

Glamorous realtime render with a library of realistic lighting, and lens flare effects optimized for the digital human shader.

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You can learn more about the Character Creator 4 release and see it in action in the video below.

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