ChipTone Free Sound Effects Generator

ChipTone is a cross platform (Windows, Mac and HTML5) completely free sound effect generator. It is inspired by bfxr which in turn was inspired by sfxr although ChipTone has a much nicer user interface. There are a series of sound generators for common game sounds such as jumping, getting hit, etc. You can also start from a randomly generated SFX, then mutate it until you like the result. Otherwise you can start with a variety of waveform generators, then layer on effects such as Tremolo, Wah-Wah and Arpeggio. Once you are happy with your creation, you can control EQ settings, compression and gain, choose the resolution and bit-depth then finally export your work as a WAV file.

ChipTone is described as:

Hello! ChipTone is a free tool for generating sound effects, mainly for games but they could be used for anything you like. I’m currently working to flesh out the sampler and the sequencer. This tool was originally made in Flash, but, uh, yeah, that didn’t work out. So now it’s in HTML5 instead! And Windows and Mac downloadable versions too.

I hope you find this tool useful, and if you make anything cool using it, I’d love to see!

ChipTone is available on, although the Mac version seems to have a bug exporting, so you may wish to use the HTML5 version instead on that platform. You can check out ChipTone in action in the video below… of course the standard ear bleeding audio disclaimer is in effect!

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