Choosing a Game Engine For Visual Novel And Adventure Games

Welcome to a new series on GameFromScratch, looking at the best game engine options for creating games in a given genre, in this case Visual Novel and Adventure Games. This document consists links to the resources mentioned in the video linked below. If we have covered a given game engine in more detail, there will also be a “learn more” link.

Game Engines for Creating Visual Novels

Ren’Py (Learn More)

KiriKiri (Google Translated)

Visual Novel Maker


Unity Visual Novel Add-Ons

Unreal Engine Visual Novel Framework

Rakugo For Godot

Game Engines for Creating Adventure Games

BladeCoder Adventure Game Engine (Learn More)

Adventure Game Studio

Escoria For Godot


Conversation Engines

Twine (Learn More)


Dialogic For Godot

Godot Dialog Manager

You can learn more about engine and add-on options for creating both Visual Novel and Adventure games in the video below. Let us know in the video comments or on our Discord, if there is another genre of games you would like to see given the same treatment.

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