CocoonJS 2.0.2 released

CocoonJS 2.0.2 was just released. CocoonJS is a development platform that allows you to wrap your HTML5 application in a streamlined browser optimized for games. This allows you to deploy your application to mobile devices as an actual application, with near native performance.


The release announcement:


Good news! The new version 2.0.2 of CocoonJS is live! It comes with some very important bug fixes and improvements. You can read the full changelog here but here are some of the highlights in this version.


Fixed the crash on Tegra-based Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.

Fixed texture corruption bug that affects Phaser based games using WebGL.

Other improvements in audio, DOM node management, camera speed, computeStyle, etc.



Updated the WebView+ to the latest stable Chromium version. Fixes some crashes, improves WebGL support, etc.

Other stability bugs fixed.


CocoonJS Launcher

Fixed the support for Android 2.3.

Settings are more homogeneous both on iOS and Android and are correctly stored between sessions.

Improved URL handling. The final slash is no longer necessary for URLs to a folder (a more browser-like behaviour).

The URL history button on Android shows all your URLs.



Added a new native share functionality. CocoonJS.App.share() inside CocoonJS_App.js.

The CocoonJS Extension repository now provides branches for previous CocoonJS versions.

Fixed several bugs and updated the SDKs in the ad extension for MoPub and AdMob.

Fixed bugs on social, notification and multiplayer extensions.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: CocoonJS 1.4.7 will be deprecated soon

CocoonJS version 1.4.7 support will be discontinued by August 1 2014 as the GoogleAd SDK that it is using will be deprecated by Google. More Info

REMINDER: CocoonJS Cordova Command Line Interface (CLI)

Have you tried it yet? Remember, it allows for the compilation of Cordova projects using Ludei’s unique WebView+ technology! More Info



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