Cocos Creator 1.0.1 Released


Cocos Creator is an all in one open source JavaScript game engine and editor built over the Cocos2d-x game libraries.  They just released version 1.0.1, primarily a bug fix release as you can see from the details below.  If you are interested in learning more about Cocos Creator I did a fairly in-depth hands on with a previous version.


Changes and fixes from this release include:

  1. [Animation] Allow position.x and position.y properties can be added separately in an animation
  2. [Animation] Fixed a bug that ‘add clip’ may cause error when selecting child node of animation root.
  3. [Editor] Main window’s title now shows project name and scene path
  4. [Editor] Added a dialog letting user choose display language when running editor for the first time
  5. [Component] Fixed AudioSource volume setting has no effect issue.
  6. [Build] Fixed error of duplicated classes when publish to Web
  7. [Render] Fixed scene render not update in time when a node’s parent change
  8. [Render] Fixed spine graphics showing wrong blend factor on Web
  9. [Render] Fixed preview in Wechat may display black screen issue.


Cocos Creator is available for download on both Windows and Mac at this location.

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