Cocos Creator 1.2.2 Released


Cocos Creator just released version 1.2.2.  Cocos Creator is a HTML5 based game engine and editor built over top of the Cocos2d-x game engine.  I did a hands on video with Cocos Creator available here if you want to learn more.


Primarily a fixed release, here are the details from the release notes:


  • [Engine] Refactored index.html page for Web build, improve page initialization speed massively.
  • [Engine] Add API cc.view.enableAntiAlias(false) to disable bilinear image smoothing for pixel-art graphics.
  • [Engine] Support cc.view.enableAntiAlias(false) API in native platform.
  • [Engine] Fixed pop-up keyboard on some tablet device with wider screen will cause screen orientation to change issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed register events to a deactivated node in start method will make the node respond to event on native platform issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed register events to a deactivated node, the event will not work after node is activated issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed some registered node event will not work when Web window lost and regain focus.
  • [Engine] Fixed when loading TTF assets, the loaded callback may not fire at the correct moment issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed using deprecated API on mobile browser will report error directly issue.
  • [Action] Fixed tintTo and tintBy not working properly on native platform issue.
  • [Action] Fixed using cc.targetedAction will report error issue.
  • [Prefab] Add synchronized Prefab option, user can select whether a prefab should sync changes to all instances in scene.
  • [Animation] Fixed the red needle in timeline may break issue.
  • [Animation] Fixed when dragging node in scene to edit position keyframe may not work issue.
  • [Animation] Fixed undo node deleting operation may cause updateAnimatingInEditMode to report error issue.
  • [Console] Added ignore case switch to determine whether filter is case-sensitive.
  • [SDK] Fixed inserting AnySDK runtime library to Web build may not work issue.
  • [Label+Widget] Fixed setting Label’s Overflow to SHRINK and leave string empty, turning on one dimension align for Widget will crash on native platform issue.
  • [Particle] Fixed when texture set to null will crash on native platform issue.
  • [Tilemap] Fixed deleting node with Tiledmap and undo will make the node not visible issue.
  • [Graphics] Fixed Helper module not found in case-sensitive OS issue.
  • [EditBox] Fixed resize node has wrong effect issue on mac platform issue.
  • [Button] mouseover event will not be registered if button’s hover sprite is null.
  • [ScrollView] Fixed save scene will cause ScrollView’s content node get random position issue.
  • [ScrollView] Fixed disabled Scrollview component can still respond to touch event issue.
  • [ScrollView] Added TOUCH_UP event callback.

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