Cocos Creator 3.6 Released

Cocos Creator, a free 3D game engine built on top of an open source core, just released Cocos Creator 3.6. This release follows the earlier announcement in July that Cocos Creator received Nintendo Switch development support. This feature includes several new graphical features, UI improvements and one massive new feature that is sure to help developer productivity, the ability to test your game directly in the editor.

Key new features of Cocos Creator 3.6 include:

  • more of the core being moved to native code for broad performance improvements
  • surface shader custom materials support
  • a new rendering debug view
  • cascaded shadow maps
  • GGX convolution
  • anisotropic lighting
  • extensive UI enhancements
  • new in editor preview mode (run your game in the editor)
  • embedded players for animation clips
  • localization editor with integrated multilingual support and built in machine translation ability
  • new noise based particle system for natural and controllable random motion effects
  • misc other improvements

Key Links

Cocos Creator Homepage

3.6 Release Notes

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You can learn more about the Cocos Creator 3.6 release in the video below.

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