Cocos Creator 3.7 Release + Cyberpunk Demo

The free cross platform 3D game engine Cocos Creator recently released Cocos 3.7 as well as a new Cyberpunk themed demo showcasing the new rendering capabilities of the engine.

New features of the Cocos 3.7.0 and 3.7.1 releases include:

  • Light Probes
  • Reflection Probes
  • LOD(Level of Detail) Support
  • CSM(Cascading Shadow Maps) transitioning
  • Bloom & FXAA post processing effects
  • Native C++ engine in the editor in experimental form
  • New extension manager
  • Updated splash screen settings
  • Improved resource management
  • Mesh UV inspector tool
  • Animation improvements including animation variants, enabling animation reuse across characters
  • Performance improvements and other fixes/changes

In addition to the 3.7 release, they also released a new Cyberpunk demo showcasing many of these new features in action.

Key Links

Release Notes

Cocos Cyberpunk Demo on Store

You can learn more about the Cocos 3.7 update and see the new Cyberpunk demo in action in the video below.

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