Cocos2D-x 4 Release Candidate 0

Cocos2D-x, a popular open source cross platform C++ powered game framework, just released the first release candidate of Cocos2D-x 4.0.  Highlight features of RC0 over that last Beta 0 release include:

  • optimize Sprite creation speed
  • add some documentations
    • migration from v3 to v4 or using using v4 with cocopod can refer to this doc 4
    • new concept of v4 can refer to the docs 6
    • API changes doc is here 1
    • some examples can be found here 2
  • update luajit to latest 2.1
  • update GLFW to 3.3
  • remove tiff
  • Webview and VideoPlayer adapt to iOS 13
  • fix system font issue on macOS 15
  • fix memory leak on mac
  • many bugs fixed

Cocos2D-x 4 RC0 is available for download here.  If you are interested in learning Cocos2D-x, we have a 3.x based tutorial series available here.

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