Cocos2d-x C++ Game Programming Tutorial Series

This is the Table of Contents for our multi-part tutorial series covering all you need to know to create a game using Cocos2d-x and C++.  The tutorial currently consists of:cocos2dx_portrait_thumb[2]

Installation, Creating a Project and Hello World

This section looks at getting Cocos2d-x setup and running. It gives a bit of an overview of Cocos2d-x’s history. Then it presents a minimal Hello World example, showing the basics of how a Cocos2d-x application works.

Basic Sprites, Positioning, Parenting and Coordinate Systems

This section looks at how to draw a sprite in Cocos2d-x. More importantly, it describes how coordinates work, describes relationships between nodes, how to set up anchor points, and more.

Handling Mouse and Touch Events

This section covers how to handle mouse and touch events in Cocos2d-x.  It covers single touch using member event handlers and lambdas, handling multi-touch, and dealing with the mouse.

Handling Keyboard Events

Here we look at how to handle keyboard events, both on desktop computers and using the soft keyboard on mobile devices.  Additionally, we implement a simple system enabling polling of keyboard state.

Game Loop, Updates and Action Handling

In this section, we discover how to schedule to receive updates and one off functions.  We also explore the use of Actions to fire off some activity.

Playing Sound Effects and Music

This tutorial covers using the SimpleAudioEngine to play sound effects and music in Cocos2D-x. We also look at one way to queue a sound effect to play as well as how to deal with your application losing focus.

Video Versions

The following are video versions of the above tutorials (currently a work in progress)

Installation and Hello World

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