Construct Animate Beta

Scirra, the makers of the popular Construct 3 game engine, have just released a new product in beta form, Construct Animate. Construct Animate is a special version of the Construct 3 game engine specifically for creating 2D animations, which can be exported as web apps, ads or in video form.

Details of Construct Animate beta from the Construct blog:

Back in 2019 we introduced timeline animations. Since then we’ve steadily made lots of improvements such as audio tracks for timelines and adding complementary features like scene graph (much of it thanks to Diego’s hard work). Now Construct has fully fledged animation features, and we’ve heard from individuals, businesses and educators that it works great for making animated content – but sometimes they need a way to export their animations as videos. So we built a new product for them, and designed a new Export to Video feature for it too!

In short Construct Animate is animation software with all the game-related features of Construct like the Platform behavior taken out so you can focus on your animation work, and with a new ability to export your project as a video file with faster-than-realtime encoding. Construct Animate still provides a wide range of interactivity features including mouse/keyboard/touch input, form controls, networking, using data formats like JSON, and loads more (see below), all with Construct’s leading visual block-based system. We think it will be a great addition for educators who can now use it for animation lessons as well as for games, for businesses to develop training materials and videos, individuals for developing banner ads, animated website media, and creative work, and much more.

Key Links

Announcement Blog

App Link (Runs in Browser)

While it works just fine in the Safari browser, video exporting is currently only supported in Edge and Chrome. You can learn more about Construct Animate and see it in action in the video below.

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