CopperCube 6.6 Released

CopperCube, on of the easiet to use 3D game engines just released version 6.6. Among other features, CopperCube 6.6 added the always popular Dark Mode for the editor. CopperCube is available for free, runs on Windows (and Linux via Wine) and is capable of targeting Mac, Windows, Android and WebGL platforms. If you are interested in checking out CopperCube, you can find our complete tutorial series available here.

Details of the 6.6 release:

  • Dark Mode support
    CopperCube now has an (experimental) dark mode, which can be enabled under Tools -> Options. It’s not perfect (some controls like scrollbars and menus still have the default theme) but it’s a start.
  • Customizable icons
    All icons in the editor can now be customized and now have an alpha channel. They are .png icons located in the \icons folder of the editor.
  • Android Studio Electric Eel compatibility
    Updated the source code for the Android client to be compilable with the latest Android Studio (Electric Eel)
  • Splitscreen, Animation Scripting and more
    Lots of new scripting functions for the editor and Win32/macOS player for doing Splitscreen, animation scripting, key emulation, mouse cursor positioning and more, contributed by by Vazahat (just_in_case).
    See the ‘advanced’ section in the JavaScript scripting reference for details
  • WebGL code generation
    Minor bug fixes and improvements in WebGL rendering code The installer is now dpiAware (meaning it also scales on highDPI screens) and supports many more languages
  • Lots of small improvements everywhere
  • Updated some translations

CopperCube is available for download here. You can learn more about the CopperCube 3D game engine and see it in action in the video below. If you are looking for an easy to use 3D game engine and CopperCube doesn’t fit your needs, you may also wish to check out the Complete Game Making Collection Humble Bundle, which includes GameGuru MAX, another incredibly easy to use 3D engine.

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