Corona 2018.3326 Released

Corona, a seminal cross platform 2D game engine using the Lua programming language just released version 2018.3326.  This is the first public release of Corona since 2017.  The biggest new feature in this release has to be beta support for the HTML5 target, enabling you to run your Corona game in web browsers.  Image result for corona game engine logo

Important parts of the update:

  • HTML5 beta.
  • Google Play changes to support IAP level 27.
  • GDPR support.
  • Apple support fixed (iOS 11.4 and XCode 9.4 supported)

Additionally in this release, several libraries were made open source:

In addition to these changes, Corona Labs is open-sourcing the following libraries:

  • timer.*
  • easing.*
  • transition.*
  • composer.*

You can download the Lua source for these libraries from the Corona Labs GitHub account. In addition, the widget.* library was updated to be in sync with our internal library.

You can read the full release notes here.  Corona is free to download but requires registration.  You can sign in and download Corona here.  If you run into problems trying to perform an HTML5 build, be sure to launch the Corona simulator as an administrator on Windows.  This at least fixed my error 12 problems when performing an HTML5 build, seems to be a permissions issue.

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