Corona Labs Release 2018 Development Roadmap

If you are a Corona developer, you now have a pretty good idea of what is coming down the pipeline with the recently released 2018 roadmap.  Corona is a cross platform Lua powered 2D game engine that has recently become freely available.  It’s been a bit of a rocky road over at Corona Labs the last couple years, having been acquired not just once but twice.  This layer of uncertainty makes such a roadmap even more valuable for their community of developers.

Roadmap details from the Corona blog:

Q1 2018
  • Continue working on implementing HTML5 builds
  • Better support for emitters when added to display groups
  • Android API level 27 support
  • New Android sound subsystem based on modern APIs
  • Improve Appodeal plugin
  • Auto-click masks
  • Marketplace 2.0
  • Animation plugin
  • Rebuild internal statistics system
  • Open source Lua frameworks like timer.* and transition.*
Q2 2018
  • Improve Live Builds by adding console logging
  • HTML5 to public beta
  • Support arm64 architectures
  • Investigate Linux builds
  • Move the Android build system to Gradle based
  • Move the Plugin build system to Gradle based
  • Investigate wireless install for iOS, tvOS
  • Revenue-share version of the AdMob plugin
Q3 2018
  • Explore Windows Universal Builds
  • Amazon IAP improvements
  • Per-vertex meshes coloring
  • Optimize touch events.
  • Tile engine support
  • Text rendering plugin
Q4 2018
  • Open Source efforts
  • Explore the Nintendo Switch platform
  • iOS Offline builds from Corona Simulator

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