Corona, please stop annoying the hell out of me!

So, some time back I took a look at all the various different Lua game engines and at the time one of the biggest strikes against Corona compared to it’s competition was it’s price.  However, about a month ago, Corona announced Starter Edition, a completely free ( non-trial ) version!  So I decided to give Corona a closer look today and my god is it annoying the hell out of me!


I am using Zero Brain studio and Sublime Text for development and both result in a simulator reload when you run your code, which in turn results in:



Worse, the window doesn’t even draw focus, so you have to tab over to it and click Continue before it will run the simulator.  It may seem like a minor annoyance, but trust me, within about 10 minutes I was ready to smash my computer.  The first time I thought, oh… that’s why my app didn’t load.  The second I got a little annoyed… after the 10th time seeing that message… well, I wrote this post.


Of course, I could just keep the simulator running, and instead of running from the editor, do a CMD+R to reload the app but this has a couple downsides.  First, this means I need to keep the simulator running and it’s a battery sucking application and I’m on an unplugged laptop ( and normally this is the case ).  Second, well, it’s an annoying process.


Fortunately I found this thread:


Hi @kodewulf,

Yes, we’re aware of it, and we realize that it’s somewhat obtrusive, especially if you build frequently. We intend to change this (to appear less often or something like that) but that must wait until the next public build. That being said, we intend to ramp up the frequency of public builds somewhat, so the wait won’t be as long as you might imagine. In the meantime, this must remain “as is”, and I apologize for the inconvenience.



Brent Sorrentino


So they appear to be aware of the problem. That said, that post was dated April 19th, so I’m guessing this fix fell off the radar.  Just a heads up if anyone at Corona Labs is listening, this may seem like a minor point, but its annoying enough for me to stop using your product!  Little things that directly impact workflow… especially for no particularly good reason, they just have a way of getting under your skin!

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