Corona Release Auto Complete Package for The Atom Editor


Corona Labs just released a Corona SDK auto complete package for the popular Atom text editor.

From the release:

We would like to announce the immediate availability of a code completion package for the Atom editor, which provides code completion as well as a description and links to the Corona Docs.

You have two options to install the package: through Atom’s package interface or from the command line.

If you choose the Atom’s package interface, open up the Preferences screen and click on Install.

In the search box, type corona and hit enter. The autocomplete-corona package should show as the first option. Click on the Install button. This will install the package and you can start using it immediately.

If you prefer, you can install it from the command line by executing:

apm install autocomplete-corona

You may also need to enable the language-lua package as well, to get the syntax highlighting.


This is a no-frills package that uses Corona’s own docs to provide the code completion. Simply tab to complete and then tab between parameters to fill them out.

This tool complements our Corona Editor and Corona Composer GUI tools to help you make your apps easier.

Atom also supports building your project. There is not a pre-built Corona SDK build provider. However, you can configure your own by putting an extra file in the folder with your main.luanamed:


You must include this file in every project you want to build. The contents of the file will vary depending on if you are using a daily build or public build. And it will vary between OS X and Windows.

Here is an example OS X version for public releases:

{    "cmd": "/Applications/CoronaSDK/Corona\\ Simulator",    "args": ["main.lua"],    "name": "Corona SDK",    "cwd": "{PROJECT_PATH}",    "sh": true  }  

If you use daily builds change the first line to the right folder:

{    "cmd": "/Applications/CoronaSDK-2811/Corona\\ Simulator",    "args": ["main.lua"],    "name": "Corona SDK",    "cwd": "{PROJECT_PATH}",    "sh": true  }  

For Windows, you will need to provide the right path to your Corona SDK install folder.

{    "cmd": "C:Program Files (x86)Corona LabsCorona SDKCorona\ Simulator.exe",    "args": ["main.lua"],    "name": "Corona SDK",    "cwd": "{PROJECT_PATH}",    "sh": true  }  

You must also install the build package to use this. Click here to learn more about these build scripts.

If you are an Atom fan, you will now be more empowered.

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