Creating 3D Animations with Mixamo and Character Animation Combiner

Today we are looking at using Character Animation Combiner to make working with multiple Mixamo animations easier. Mixamo is a free service that has thousands of animations and tools for easily rigging your own characters, which was purchased by Adobe back in 2015. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways to create game ready animated characters.

There is however a major flaw, you can no longer apply multiple animations to a character. This is where Character Animation Combiner enters the equation. Simply upload the FBX or OBJ file with your character model as well as one or more additional FBX files with the animations from Mixamo and it will combine them together into a single GLB or GLTF file. If required you can also have Mixamo generate a rig for your custom created character that will be compatible with all of their animations.

This project may sound familiar, as we covered it back in 2020. That project sadly was abandoned and unscrupulous actors took over the URLs. Thankfully the project was revived along with the source code. You can run Character Animation Combiner directly in your browser or download and run the project locally. It is open source under the MIT source license and written using the JavaScript programming language.

Key Links

Character Animation Combiner


Character Animation Combiner Source Code

You can check out Mixamo and Character Animation Combiner in action in the video below, including seeing an exported 3d character model with multiple animations running in the Godot game engine.

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