CyberVoice — Ai Powered Voice Acting

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are becoming more and more common in the world of game development. Recently we covered ArtBreeder, a machine learning based art generation tool, as well as CoPilot, GitHub’s just released AI powered code assistant. Today the tool we are looking at is CyberVoice, a tool using machine learning to create computer driven voice actors.

CyberVoice is described as:

Vocal cords of Artificial Intelligence for everyone. Create unique content; dub videos, donations, indie games, mods; create podcasts; congratulate your patrons; make money on your voice: all this is CyberVoice

In essence CyberVoice is another text to speech generator, tools that have been around for decades. However CyberVoice offers some pretty massive differences. First it allows you to upload voice samples to train the AI to recreate a specific voice. This was recently used in the Witcher 3 Mod A Night To Remember (Trailer here), used to create new dialog for Geralt without the participation of voice actor Doug Cockle.

Second, CyberVoice enables voice actors to upload and train the AI using their own voice, which end users can license out their voices for use in commercial projects. This could be a boon for small studios with limited resources, or companies looking to do quick localization. It is also however a gigantic legal minefield and should be approached cautiously.

They have a variety of commercial plans available, as well as a reasonably full featured free trial. You can learn more about CyberVoice and see it in action in the video below.

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