Cyclops Level Builder For Godot

Cyclops is a new free and open source add-on for the Godot game engine that enables rapid level creation. This enables you to rapidly block-in or white box levels in Godot, with tools for block creation, quick texturing, snapping and more.

Cyclops is hosted on GitHub and is released under the MIT open source license. The first release was just last week, so it will be interesting to see how this tool evolves. It is a standard Godot add-on (not module), written entirely in GDScript.

Cyclops is described as:

Cyclops Level Builder lets you quickly build environments in the Godot viewport. Click and drag to create and edit blocks. Use the material editor to assign materials. All blocks have collision, so you will be able to interact with them right away.

Installation is simple (and shown step by step in the video below):

  • Download the latest release from the releases page. Unzip it into a temporary directory.
  • Copy the /addons folder and everything in it into the root of the project you want to use Cyclops Level Builder in.
  • Click on Project/Project Settings. Select the Plugins tab and check Enable next to the Cyclops Level Builder entry.

Key Links

GitHub Repository


Texture Pack From Video

You can learn more about Cyclops Level Builder for Godot and see it in action in the video below.

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