Defold 1.2.101 Released


There is a new release of the Defold game engine, release 1.2.101.  Defold is a free, cross platform 2D game engine.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold engine, we have a complete tutorial series available here.

Details of the new release:


  • DEF-2574 – Added: Efficient WebP compression for PVRTC and ETC1
  • DEF-2582 – Added: screen_x/screen_y and screen_dx/screen_dy fields for multi touch input.
  • DEF-2595 – Fixed: Profile counters Lua.Ref and Lua.Mem in web profiler.
  • DEF-2522 – Fixed: Support for detection of require with same line access.
  • DEF-2541 – Fixed: Issue with Android native extension library order.
  • DEF-2585 – Fixed: Some buffer documentation fixes.
  • DEF-1408 – Fixed: Argument verification for render.draw and render.render_target.
  • DEF-2428 – Fixed: Model UVs can now be outside [0..1].
  • DEF-2567 – Fixed: Resources was incorrectly excluded if shared between excluded/bundled collectionproxies.
  • DEF-2569 – Fixed: On iOS UIScreen main screen bounds didn’t update when rotating the screen.

They also described in more detail the new WebP compression option:

Efficient WebP compression for PVRTC and ETC1

When selecting WebP compression for compressed texture formats (PVRTC1 and ETC1), the WebP compressor has up until now just been compressing the texture file as a raw LUM8 texture (an array of bytes). We have greatly improved this compression by transforming the compressed texture format data into data more suitable for WebP image compression using an internal intermediate format. This is then retransformed back into the compressed texture format when loaded by the run-time. This has shown an average improvement of anything between 40-60% over compressing with ZLib (or WebP with LUM8).

You can read more details about this release here.

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