Defold 1.2.103 Released


The Defold Game Engine just saw release 1.2.103.  Perhaps the biggest new feature of this release is the ability to compile Java sources for use in Native Extensions.  Of course the release also contains several bug fixes.  If you’ve never heard of Defold, it’s a Lua powered 2.5D game engine that’s free to use.  If you want to learn more, we did a complete tutorial series available here.


Details of this release from the release announcement:

  • DEF-2543 – Added: Java compilation and Android resources in Native Extensions.
  • DEF-2630 – Added: Support for native extension app manifest.
  • DEF-1520 – Added: Support for configurable trigger overlap capacity.
  • DEF-1360 – Fixed: Texture packer improvements.
  • DEF-2660 – Fixed: Keyable draw order for spine scenes.
  • DEF-2668 – Fixed: Issue where UIWindow and EGLContext pointers were always null.
  • DEF-2665 – Fixed: Bundle bug where incorrect debug/release version was bundled.
  • DEF-2647 – Fixed: GUI Spine callback crash.
  • DEF-2658 – Fixed: Template node randomly selected.
  • DEF-2672 – Fixed: Unable to load texc_shared library in Editor 1.
  • All manuals, tutorials and FAQ have been moved to a public GitHub repository.
  • Added a new shader tutorial.
  • Both API documentation and manuals has been updated with user submitted changes. Thanks to Ross Grams, Alexey Gulev and jfrangoudes!

Click here to get started with Defold.

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