Defold 1.2.141 Released

Defold Engine 1.2.141 has just been released.  By far the biggest aspect of this new release is WebAssembly support, which should result in faster loading HTML5 games.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold game engine, be sure to check our new tutorial series over on  We also have a full tutorial series covering the 1.x version of Defold available here.

Details from the Defold forums:

This release adds support for WebAssembly . Bundling for HTML5 will now output both WebAssembly and the older AsmJS version of the engine. Depending on browser support the appropriate version will automatically be selected and loaded at runtime. In most cases this new version can decrease initial load time for HTML5 games.


  • DEF-3540Added: New WebAssembly platform (bundled together with Asmjs on HTML5).
  • DEF-3582Added: Support for dynamicLibs in the platform context in NE config files.
  • DEF-3565Fixed: Boot crash on iOS 6.
  • DEF-3523Fixed: NE error log parsing for malformed Defold SDKs.
  • DEF-3568Fixed: Release audio focus before closing down platform sound.
  • DEF-3574Fixed: Internal GUI node optimizations.
  • DEF-3433Fixed: Improvements to pprint.


  • DEFEDIT-1474Fixed: GUI box node using tile source anim as texture did not respect h/v flip.

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