Defold 1.2.83 Released


Today there was a new release of the Defold Lua powered cross platform 2D game engine, release 1.2.83.  One of the major features of this release is IPv6 only support, a requirement of the Apple App Store.  They also changed the default behavior of the escape key, no longer exiting the engine on press.  There were several other fixes and changes in this release:


  • DEF-1842 – Added: IPv6 support
  • DEF-1846 – Changed: Escape button no longer quits the engine
  • DEF-1760 – Changed: Switched to HTTPS for analytics server
  • DEF-1550 – Fixed: Refactoring GUI correctly updates texture paths
  • DEF-1828 – Fixed: gui.get_size() returns correct size on init
  • DEF-1624 – Fixed: Support for importing meshes with double type
  • DEF-1903 – Fixed: Facebook login UI is only shown if user is not logged in on HTML5
  • DEF-1661 – Fixed: filters field in facebook.show_dialog is handled correctly on HTML5
  • DEF-1722 – Fixed: Crash handling code froze on some platforms
  • DEF-799 – Fixed: Better logging when trying to stop ParticleFX that could not be found


  • DEF-1781 – Updated: “Invite a friend” email has been updated


Let me know if you are interested in me doing a tutorial series about working in Defold.

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