Defold 1.2.90 Released


A new release, 1.2.90 of the Defold game engine is now available.  The Defold game engine is a 2D cross platform Lua powered game engine.  I have done a complete Defold tutorial series should you wish to learn more.


Details of this release:

This sprint we have mostly focused on stability and robustness in the engine.

The bundling for Android on macOS Sierra should work as expected now.
We’ve also added some missing autocomplete functions for Facebook, webview and window.
The debug profile view now shows the amount of memory currently used by Lua.
The Lua require function has gotten some rework, making it easier to import your scripts.
We’ve also fixed a small drag’n’drop issue in the gui outline.

  • DEF-2125 – Added: Added profile counters for Lua references and Lua memory
  • DEF-2140 – Added: Added auto completion for Facebook, webview and window Lua modules
  • DEF-1788 – Fixed: Crash in Facebook request permissions
  • DEF-2074 – Fixed: Crash when Android device has IPv6 address on local interface
  • DEF-2123 – Fixed: Crash when spine component constants wasn’t pushed/popped properly
  • DEF-2132 – Fixed: Crash relating to leaked game objects
  • DEF-2086 – Fixed: Made sure gui.animate callbacks were unref’ed when the gui scene was unloaded
  • DEF-2116 – Fixed: Unable to detect certain Lua require() calls when building the game
  • DEF-2142 – Fixed: Better documentation on particle emitter states
  • DEF-2149 – Fixed: Certain nodes could not be childed to some nodes in GUI via drag and drop
  • DEF-2143 – Fixed: Bundling for Android on macOS Sierra
  • Various documentation & search fixes


Defold is available to download for free at

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