Defold Engine 1.2.104 Released


Version 1.2.104 of the Defold game engine was just released.  The primary new feature is the ability to do PUT and HEAD requests using the http.request object.  In addition there are a number of fixes and improvements.  The Defold game engine is a mobile focused Lua powered 2D game engine.  If you are interested in learning more, we have a complete tutorial series available here.


Details from the release announcement:

  • DEF-2468Added: http.request supports PUT and HEAD.
  • DEF-2702Fixed: Index out of range when spine draw order slot exceeds mesh count.
  • DEF-2692Fixed: Spine blending fixes for draw order animations.
  • DEF-2661Fixed: Reverse hashing usage in Collection factories to not impact performance.
  • DEF-2689Fixed: Engine crash when async loading is in progress during engine quit.
  • DEF-2566Fixed: GUI functions new_texture, delete_texture and set_texture_data now also accept hash.
Native Extension Server
  • Fixed so that packages/classes provided by Jar libraries can be imported in Java sources.
  • Fixed missing usage of compiler and link flags for Android builds.
  • New Color grading post processing shader tutorial4.
  • Merged large pull request from @ross.grams containing proofread pass on all manuals.

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