Defold Engine 1.2.107 Released

Defold Engine 1.2.107 has just been released.  The Defold Engine is a Lua powered 2D focused game engine made freely available by King.  If you want to learn more about the Defold Engine, we have a full tutorial series available here.  The 1.2.107 release improves asset pre-loading, texture loading/creation performance and more.

Details from the release notes:


  • DEF-2772Added: Async decoding of WebP images
  • DEF-2651Added: Async texture GPU upload
  • DEF-2770Added: Added LuaSocket documentation
  • DEF-2688Fixed: The particle spawn rate spread is now working
  • DEF-2768Fixed: Libraries with unusual folder structure crashed Bob
  • DEF-2756Fixed: Small improvement on error handling if the generated doesn’t compile
  • DEF-2625Fixed: Increased buffer used to parse game.project values to 2048


  • We’ve added a brand new tutorial of how to make a classic 15 puzzle game
  • we’ve also added documentation for LuaSocket in both editors
  • Lots of smaller fixes

There was also some discussion on features that are currently in the works:

Native Extensions

The work on Windows support is progressing nicely.
The main parts of the build pipeline is functional, with some cleanup left to do.
Planning for a release in the next sprint.

Facebook Gameroom

Another upcoming big feature is support for Facebook’s Gameroom.
This will allow you to use Facebook and in app puchases on the Windows platform through their new platform.
This feature is estimated to arrive in the next release.

Particles in GUI

A long awaited feature is support for particles in GUI.
It is a big task with some big refactoring involved, but it is going well.
A recent benefit from this was the batching of particle systems.

One other small part of this release is anonymous usage tracking, something many are surely not going to like.

We have also added anonymous tracking of how the editor is being used* in order for us to better understand our users, help us with prioritisation and improve the product.

(*Clarification edit: it tracks what version is running and what parts of the editor that are used)

People REALLY hate this stuff, myself included, so if it can’t be toggled off, this new feature strikes me as a mistake.

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