Defold Engine 1.2.109

The Defold Lua powered game engine version 1.2.109 has just been released.  The Defold engine is a Lua powered mobile focused cross platform 2D game engine developed by King.  If you are interested in learning Defold, we have a full tutorial series available here.  This release comes just in time for the CoronaDefoldJam, starting a few days.

Details from the release notes:

This sprint we’ve been finishing the Particles in GUI task, and also added some smaller enhancements.

Particles in GUI

This release adds the feature of adding particle effects to your GUI scene.
Just as other resources in the gui, you add a .particlefx file to the scene,
and then you can reference it by adding particle fx nodes to your scene.

You can also add nodes dynamically at runtime.

Previewer in Editor 2

Also, please try playing the effect directly in the Editor 2 by pressing CMD+P
In the gui, you can change the color propery while the effect is playing.

The Lua API
  • gui.new_particlefx_node(pos, particlefx)
  • gui.play_particlefx(node, [emitter_state_callback])
  • gui.stop_particlefx(node)
  • gui.set_particlefx(node, particlefx)
  • gui.get_particlefx(node)


  • DEF-2106Added: Particles in GUI
  • DEF-2813Fixed: Fixed crash when error logging a bad string (in gui.delete_texture)
  • DEF-2437Fixed: The render.get_render_target_width() and render.get_render_target_height() now support BUFFER_TYPE_COLOR_BIT/BUFFER_TYPE_DEPTH_BIT/BUFFER_TYPE_STENCIL_BIT
  • DEF-2807Fixed: Added sound name output when it fails to decode
  • DEF-2809Fixed: Embedded camera component not working in Editor 1
  • DEF-2811Fixed: Target app: Failing to load project file restarts the target app
  • DEF-2814Fixed: Native Extensions now build debug builds for Win32 too

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