Defold Engine 1.2.114

There is a new release of the Lua powered 2D Defold game engine, bringing the version to 1.2.114.  If you’ve never heard of the Defold game engine we have a complete tutorial series to get you started, available here.  This new releases adds support for Facebook’s new GameRoom App Store for Windows platforms only. 

Details of the release from the release notes:


  • DEF-2505Added: Facebook Gameroom integration
  • DEF-2896Fixed: Added more allowed libs when building android (native extensions)
Work In Progress
Native Extensions + Linux

When updating the build server to Ubuntu 16.04, we’re also migrating our own
CI pipeline to use the same Docker container. We’re doing this to minimize the configuration overhead.

While doing this, we need to update a lot of smaller things in our pipeline, and also we’re cleaning up
old technical debt. But, we’re seeing light at the end of of the tunnel now, and we can hopefully release this feature
to you soon.

Lazy loading of factory assets

We’re also reworking how the assets are loaded in the game.
Instead of loading all assets up front, we’re now loading the assets right before they’re needed.
This feature should help out the developers that have many and/or large

Frame throttling

We’re also making sure the engine respects the “update_frequency” setting while still using VSync.
This will remove the issue of having the game run too fast.

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