Defold Engine 1.2.120 Released

The Defold game engine just released version 1.2.120.  The two biggest features of this release are support for Android MultiDex as well as the ability to pre-warm particle systems.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold engine, we have a tutorial series available here.

Details of this release:

  • DEF-2888Added: Android MultiDex support for NE.
  • DEF-2373Added: Option to pre-warm ParticleFX emitters.
  • DEF-3087Added: label.get_text_metrics function for label component.
  • DEF-3086Fixed: Memory leak when loading two collectionproxies async that shared resources.
  • DEF-3098Fixed: Reenabled render.draw_line and render.draw_text for release builds.
  • DEF-2434Fixed: Bug when stopping one ParticleFX component would stop any other PFX on same GO.
  • DEF-3049Fixed: LiveUpdate resources could sometimes be invalidated when upgrading an Android app.
  • DEF-3027Fixed: LiveUpdate resource header verification.
  • DEF-3062Fixed: Bug where Spine rotations did not behave as expected.
  • DEF-3099Fixed: Childed GOs to model and Spine bones were delayed one frame.
  • DEF-3091Fixed: Added a build error check for Collada files with more than one root bone.
  • DEF-3093Fixed: Better error message when bundling and no iOS provisioning profile was specified (Bob.jar).
  • DEF-3073Fixed: Added rdynamic and "-Wl,option" support for platforms that support it on NE.
  • DEF-3076Fixed: dmBuffer::GetStream doesn’t crash on null arguments anymore.
  • DEF-2540Fixed: Performance issue when muting all sounds. (This also fixes the fast forward issue.)
  • DEF-3071Fixed: Optimized render update to sort less during each draw call.
  • DEF-3059Fixed: User can now set break points in the user render script (and not the builtin one).
  • DEF-3090Fixed: Fixed components that previously sent wrong world matrix to shaders. (Spine, Model and ParticleFX).

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