Defold Engine 1.2.122 Released

Today there was a new release of the Defold engine, the cross platform mobile focused 2D game engine from King.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold engine, be sure to check out our tutorial series available here.

New features in this release:

In this release we have added a new vector math function vmath.mul_per_elem() which allows you to multiply two vectors elementwise.
We’ve also fixed an issue on Android when a silent (but playing) audio would steal back audio focus from other apps playing music.


  • DEF-3135Added: Added vmath.mul_per_elem() for element wise multiplication between vectors.
  • DEF-3130Fixed: Fixed issue when silent sounds stole audio focus from other apps.
  • DEF-3136Fixed: Crash fix when using nil as target url for label.set_text().
  • DEF-3127Fixed: Added support for “-fpermissive” for our GCC based platforms (Android and Linux).

Work in progress

Apart from the current release, we also have some longer tasks. We are currently:

  • improving the Live Update feature set with the ability to upload a new manifest and data to a released game.
  • adding better profiling of the resource usage at runtime. A first MVP should land in the next release
  • adding a way to synchronously query the physics world for collision contact info. This can be used for spawning, or implementation a custom time-of-impact detection. It can be very beneficial for kinematic objects.

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