Defold Engine 1.2.134 Released

The Defold game engine just released version 1.2.134.  The biggest new feature of this release is the ability to set the position and size of WebViews on mobile targets, while also enabling you to display multiple WebViews at the same time.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold game engine, be sure to check out our complete tutorial series available here.

Details of the 1.2.134 release:


  • DEF-1973Added: API to set position and size of webviews.
  • DEF-2878Added: Support for onActivityResult callbacks for Android NE.
  • DEF-3368Fixed: Supply current webview URL in the callback for iOS.
  • DEF-3249Fixed: Mismatch in precision keywords between builtin model.vp and model.fp.
  • DEF-3383Fixed: Editor now builds custom engine if only an app manifest is specified.
  • DEF-3298Fixed: null accesses crash in the Android IAP module.
  • DEF-3381Fixed: Crash issue when getting default sample rate from AudioManager (Android).
  • DEF-3316Fixed: Crash if Android READ_PHONE_STATE permission is missing.
  • DEF-3283Fixed: Google Chrome AutoPlay Policy Change breaks audio playback.

Defold is a free game engine available for download here, registration is required.  The Defold engine is available for Mac OS, Windows and various flavours of Linux.

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