Defold Engine 1.2.137 Released

Defold is a free 2D Lua powered game engine made by King.  If you are interested in learning more about the Defold game engine, be sure to check out our existing Defold Tutorial Series, and stay tuned for our upcoming Defold Crash Course, currently available in preview form for Patreons.  The 1.2.137 release includes a new angular velocity mode for particle systems, new build options and the removal of Linux and OSX 32 bit version.

Full details from the release:


  • DEF-1593Added: New particle orientation mode for angular velocity.
  • DEF-2477Added: Engine build variants – debug, release and headless in Bob and Editor bundle dialogue
  • DEF-3487Changed: Removed 32 bit Linux+OSX engines from bob.jar.
  • DEF-3496Fixed: Missing iPad Pro 10.5″ launch images.
  • DEF-3047Fixed: Log spam on Android 8+ devices related to CPU profiler.
  • DEF-3494Fixed: http.request() failed under certain conditions.
  • DEF-3456Fixed: Cloned spine nodes were not getting correct skin and animation.
  • DEF-1966Fixed: Collection proxies did not handle input consumption correctly.
  • DEF-3489Fixed: X11 context initialization for the Linux engine.
  • DEF-2929Fixed: on_input in GUI was missing accelerometer fields.
  • DEF-3464Fixed: Bug with stored notifications were not received on Android.
  • DEF-3479Fixed: Added API check before attempting to login with Facebook.


  • DEFEDIT-1420Changed: Long-running tasks such as bundling, building and saving are now performed on a background thread.
  • DEFEDIT-1420Fixed: The editor will no longer overwrite external changes when saving if it has not detected them.
  • DEFEDIT-1420Fixed: Broken library URLs are now reported correctly when bundling or building for HTML5.
  • DEFEDIT-1420Fixed: Sometimes the progress bar could disappear, leaving only the percentage-label visible.
  • DEFEDIT-1427Fixed: The Property and Outline panels could stop redrawing while a Particle FX or animation was playing.
  • DEFEDIT-1430Changed: Visibility Filters now have separate toggles for components inside or outside of GUI scenes.
  • DEFEDIT-1432Fixed: Improved progress reporting in several areas.
  • DEFEDIT-1437Fixed: Fixed occasional “File Not Found” errors when returning to the editor after switching branches.
  • DEFEDIT-1439Fixed: Updated autocomplete definitions for the Code Editor.
  • DEFEDIT-1440Fixed: Bundling a project with native extensions reported Ready too early.

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