Defold Engine 1.2.156 Released

The Defold Engine was just updated to version 1.2.156.  The biggest new feature in this release is the addition of support for joint constraints in 2D physics.  The release also contains numbers changes and fixes detailed below.

Release notes:


  • DEF-3025Added: Support for 2D physics joints in runtime.
  • #4144Changed: Both armv7 and arm64 are included by default when building Android custom engines.
  • #3128Changed: Changed precision for the position value in shaders to highp.
  • #3114Fixed: Crash when playing flipbook animations.
  • #4149Fixed: Crash on Win32 when closing engine window.
  • #4146Fixed: Android debug bundles are now always debuggable in Android Studio.
  • #3118Fixed: Crash in ares_addrinfo_callback.
  • #4114Fixed: Profiler stringtable deadlock.
  • #3116Fixed: Font outline disappeared when anti-aliasing was turned off.
  • #4119Fixed: Hot-reload didn’t work when redirect server port was in use.
  • #4099Fixed: go.set_parent() ignored keep world transform when removing parent.


  • DEFEDIT-1626Added: The Evaluate Lua field in the Debugger now has history you can access using Up / Down.
  • DEFEDIT-1645Added: Modernized look of some dialog boxes. This work is ongoing.
  • DEFEDIT-1678Fixed: Partial path not clickable when full path exists on the same Console line.
  • DEFEDIT-1682Fixed: Search in Files frames match incorrectly on Linux.
  • DEFEDIT-4102Fixed: Show nicer error message when debugger failed to connect.
  • DEFEDIT-4106Removed: Removed non-working Scene settings tab from Preferences. It will return in a future release.

The Defold Engine is a cross platform free 2D game engine.  You can learn more about using Defold in our tutorials series available here and here.

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