Defold Engine 1.2.82 Released


Defold is a cross platform 2D focused Lua powered game engine created by King and available for free.  If you want to learn more about Defold, check the video review out below.  Today they just announced the release of Defold 1.2.82.  This release brings improved editor performance on OSX and Windows, increase GUI layer counts and improved account management options, including the ability to delete your account if required.  The full release notes:


  • DEF-1769 – Added: Crash handling support for HTML5.
  • DEF-1861 – Changed: OSX and Windows builds now use a higher optimization level.
  • DEF-1875 – Changed: Increase max number of GUI layers to 16.
  • DEF-1873 – Changed: Input on HTML5 will now only work if the canvas element is active.
  • DEF-1796 – Changed: HTML5 builds use project name for engine JS file.
  • DEF-1867 – Fixed: Ability to toggle persistent store on HTML5.
  • DEF-1870 – Fixed: HTML5 progress bar did not work if “Content-Length” header was missing.
  • DEF-1869 – Fixed: sys.open_url was missing in HTML5 implementation.
  • DEF-1871 – Fixed: html5.custom_heap_size is now correctly used in HTML5 builds.
  • DEF-1872 – Fixed: Windows bundling dialog showed incorrect text.


  • Added: Ability to delete accounts.
  • Added: Users can change ownership of projects.

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