Defold Engine 1.2.84 Released


There is a new release of the Defold Game Engine, version 1.2.84.  WebView is now available on mobile platforms with certain limitations.  This release also includes improved sound on mobile devices with better call and battery management.  Among the other fixes are:


  • DEF-1674 – Added: WebView support on iOS and Android
  • DEF-1691 – Added: sound.is_phone_call_active() available on mobile devices
  • DEF-1857 – Changed: render.predicate now accepts hashes as well as strings
  • DEF-1914 – Fixed: Support for setting HTTPS URIs as resource.uri
  • DEF-1709 – Fixed: IAP callback did not run after opening a minimized app via the home screen on Android
  • DEF-1940 – Fixed: Some purchases using test accounts on Android resulted in error
  • DEF-1918 – Fixed: Stack problem on Android devices < 4.3
  • DEF-1920 – Fixed: Bundle dialogs for iOS and Android now remember the field entry data
  • DEF-1924 – Fixed: Android IAP dialog was shown multiple times if changing device orientation
  • DEF-1937 – Fixed: dmloader.js would sometimes try to load the same archive files multiple times
  • DEF-1825 – Fixed: Crash when on_message functions tried to return data
  • DEF-1278 – Fixed: Android implementation of sound.is_music_playing() now works correctly


  • Updates of access token management. It is now possible to revoke access tokens.


  • API documentation for render has been updated
  • An “Examples project” is now available
  • Return values has been clarified in API docs
  • API documentation has been added for WebView

If you are interested in learning more about the Defold Engine be sure to watch this video.  We also have a tutorial series in development here on

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