Defold Engine 1.2.87 REleased


Defold Engine 1.2.87 was recently release.  Defold is a Lua powered cross platform 2D game engine, created by King and made available for developers for free.  If you want to learn more about using the Defold engine we have a tutorial series here on GameFromScratch.


Features from this release:


DEF-1720 – Added: Ability to see size of text node in editor
DEF-1783 – Added: Possible to toggle physics debug at runtime
DEF-1325 – Added: Particle count in the Web profiler and Visual profiler
DEF-1742 – Fixed: Lua bit op discrepancy (bit.* available on all platforms)
DEF-1955 – Fixed: SSDP failed to announce on Windows
DEF-1875 – Fixed: Scripting bug for GUI layers count over 8
DEF-1950 – Fixed: Black screen freeze after changing language on Android
DEF-2039 – Fixed: Better error message when using a hash as url in go.get.
DEF-1689 – Fixed: Android N engine library name
DEF-2042 – Fixed: Missing strip_android binary for 64bit Linux platform
DEF-2044 – Fixed: Login redirection bug on Windows
DEF-1998 – Fixed: Mesh entry bug when building spine scenes (Spine > 3.2)


  • Fixed bug when deleting users.


  • Added API documentation for GO properties.

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