Defold Engine 1.2.89 Released


Today saw a new released of the Lua powered Defold game engine.  The primary addition of this release was Spine support was added directly to the GUI.  Spine is a 2D IK based animation system I covered in detail in this post.  Of course I also have alogo-text-below complete Defold game engine tutorial series if you are interested in learning more.  I also did this hands-on video with the Defold game engine.


Back to release 1.2.89 details.  Not a huge release by any means, here are the complete release notes:


We have now added support for Spine nodes in GUI scenes. Similar to the component version, this creates a GUI node for each bone in the spine instance, which come in handy when you want to parent other nodes to your spine bones. A couple of new script functions has been added to the gui.* namespace, such asgui.get_spine_bone, gui.play_spine and gui.cancel_spine. The argument list for the two latter functions are the same as for their spine.* counterpart, except they take a GUI node as first argument; namely a spine GUI node.

The profiler (toggled via toggle_profiler) has been fixed and should now display the same information on all platforms.

We have also worked on memory leaks and performance issues which will result in better performance for all games, especially those with massive amounts of game objects.


  • DEF-1528 – Added: Spine support in GUI
  • DEF-2111 – Fixed: Spine events were incorrectly sent to the completion callback
  • DEF-2034 – Fixed: Profiler missing some information on different platforms
  • DEF-2084 – Fixed: Missing GUI node size enums in script
  • DEF-1983 – Fixed: Memory leak when creating and/or deleting game objects

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