Defold Engine 1.2.93 Released


A new version of the cross platform 2D game engine Defold has been released, this one version 1.2.93.  The primary new functionality in this release provides greater control over Spine based animations.  If you want to learn more about the Defold engine, we have a complete tutorial series available here.  If you want to learn more about creating animations using with Spine, we have this hands on guide.

From the release notes:

New API for Spine animations. The new API allows for greater control of the playback of the animation by exposing the animation cursor and the playback rate.

  • spine.play_anim(id, anim_id, playback, [properties], [completed_func])
  • gui.play_spine_anim(node, anim_id, playback, [properties], [completed_func]

Where [properties] is an optional table that currently takes blend_duration, offset, playback_rate. For the Spine component the values for cursor and playback_rate are exposed as properties and can be get/set and even animated as such. Property cursor is normalized [0,1], and playback_rate is a non-negative multiplier to the animation playback rate. For example:

  • go.get(id, "cursor")
  • go.set(id, "cursor", 0.5)
  • go.animate(id, "cursor", ...)

Note: Spine events may not fire as expected when manipulating the cursor by set or by animation.

Added functions for setting and getting skin for Spine in gui.

  • gui.get_spine_skin(node)
  • gui.set_spine_skin(node, skin)

Added the ability to use multiple gamepads at the same time. Input messages from joysticks/gamepads will have a new gamepad field in the action table, which correspond to a gamepad index/id for the current input data.

Fixed bug regarding random selections when browsing for textures in the editor

Fixed bug where .ipa was not installable through X-Code


DEF-2248 Added: Implement spine animation cursor- and playback control
DEF-2130 Added: Setting skin at runtime for spine GUI nodes
DEF-1416 Added: Connect several controllers (gamepads) of the same type and get input individually
DEF-1568 Fixed: Layouts > Defaults randomly gets selected when browsing a texture for a GUI-object node
DEF-1672 Fixed: iOS: Set executable bit on executable

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